Digital Cargo Tops: Advantages

Great majority of the data are now transferred by means of the paper documents in air cargo transportation. Considering that paper documents of approximately 30 pages are prepared for any international shipment, this method not only makes data communications harder, but also causes waste of paper in air cargo transportation processes.

Digital Cargo applications bring the following advantages in transportation processes:

1 . Faster and more effective data transmission: Less of time and paper, caused by use of documents, is prevented in operational processes, ensuring transmission of the details faster and without any error.

2 . Enhanced traceability in details: Any and all data regarding the transportation processes can now be displayed instantly and all shipments are traceable by the authorized persons throughout the transportation period.

3 . Higher data quality: Less of time, caused by documentation process, is eliminated, and all data are archived and kept up-to-date more smoothly, and maintained for longer years.

4 . Provision of more up-to-date details: Any and all details regarding AWBs are kept up-to-date by means of fast data transmission with interstation systematic messages, and users can access all up-to-date details at any time.

5. Environment Friendly: Waste of paper, caused by documentation processes, is eliminated, resulting in protection of nature.

6. Keeping up with technology: Any and all AWB details are transmitted to the electronic medium, enabling all concerned departments to access the most up-to-date and accurate details. This creates the ideal environment for the technological developments such as automation, monitoring and reporting, etc.